Mercosul’s Community Engagement Project


CeramicSteel Mercosul's Community
Engagement Project

CeramicSteel Mercosul, a leading distributor of porcelain enameled steel products in Brazil, recently sponsored the construction of a bus stop to benefit a local community near Avenues School. This project emerged from a collaborative effort initiated by the school, inviting its primary suppliers to engage in a social responsibility initiative to improve the surrounding area.

Identifying the Need

The opportunity was first revealed during a meeting organized by Avenues School, where the school’s architecture office and representatives from various companies, including CeramicSteel Mercosul, discussed potential ways to support the nearby underprivileged community.

Through dialogue with community members, it became evident that a nearby bus stop, frequently used by schoolchildren, needed more shelter from the elements. This realization sparked the idea to construct a bus stop, ensuring children could wait comfortably and safely for their transport.

CeramicSteel Mercosul was committed to contributing to this project from the outset. Recognizing the importance of the initiative, the company actively participated in all meetings, offering porcelain enameled steel materials and technical expertise to ensure the construction of a functional and aesthetically pleasing bus stop.

"Participating in constructing the bus stop near Avenues School was an enriching experience for us at CeramicSteel Mercosul. We believe in the power of community engagement and saw this as a perfect opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause. By providing a safe and comfortable waiting area for schoolchildren, we are proud to support the education journey of the young generation."

SaopaolaAvenue - CeramicSteel Mercosul - Artesana


The newly constructed bus stop provides much-needed shelter from the sun and rain, significantly improving the daily experience for children waiting for school buses. The community has well-received the project, demonstrating CeramicSteel Mercosul’s commitment to social responsibility and its capability to deliver high-quality solutions for public use.

The success of this initiative has not only enhanced its reputation but has also opened roads for future community projects. CeramicSteel Mercosul plans to continue its involvement in similar social responsibility efforts, leveraging its products and expertise to impact communities across Brazil positively.

The Art of Metro Brussels

The Art of Metro Brussels

Brussels, the capital city of Europe, is home to many artistic treasures. The city exhibits its commitment to a more liveable and enjoyable urban environment for everyone by integrating art into the metro system.

The artwork is inspired by the idea that art can improve the quality of life for locals and visitors by transforming these public areas. The goal is to develop more lively and interesting public areas that foster a sense of community and improve commuters’ daily experiences.

As a producer of Ceramicsteel, also known as enameled steel, Polyvision is employed in a wide range of creative and architectural applications. Regarding this subject, the Brussels metro system contains several famous pieces of artwork built from our CeramicSteel material. Over the years, we have contributed to improving the visual and cultural diversity of the city’s public spaces, resulting in a more motivating and interesting environment for everyone, by giving designers and artists strong and adaptable canvasses to work with.

Overall, CeramicSteel is a fascinating material that has been used in a wide range of artistic contexts, from murals and sculptures to decorative tiles and signage. Its durability and versatility make it an ideal choice for large-scale public works that need to combat the elements and stand the test of time.

“The Art of Metro Brussels”, showcasing what we produced
for the city over the years.

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