Explore our CeramicSteel surfaces with eco-friendly materials. These surfaces are perfect for whiteboards and offer a sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

In the highly competitive market of whiteboard manufacturing, standing out through quality and innovation is crucial. We devised a solution to this with our CeramicSteel whiteboard surfaces.

As a top B2B manufacturer, we provide CeramicSteel material that sets new durability, sustainability, and performance standards.

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Why choose CeramicSteel
for Whiteboards?

Unmatched Durability

Our CeramicSteel whiteboards are specifically designed to endure heavy usage, making them perfect for busy environments such as classrooms and corporate meeting rooms. They resist scratches, stains, and fading, ensuring they maintain a neat and functional appearance over a long period of use, even in high-traffic areas.

Writing and Display Quality

Our surfaces offer unparalleled writeability, no matter what type of marker you use—dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble, or permanent. Our whiteboards’ fine, matte finish provides a smooth writing surface and excellent contrast, making writing readable and clear.

Our whiteboards feature sharp, distinct marker lines, resulting in maximum color contrast, which enhances visibility and improves communication.

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Erasability and Cleanability

Dry-erase markings can be easily wiped away without ghosting or staining, ensuring a clean slate after every use. Tougher marks, semi-permanent inks, and permanent inks can be removed with solvent-based cleaners, allowing all residues to be eradicated by following our care instructions.

Sustainability and Customization

Aligned with sustainability goals, Polyvision produces long-lasting surfaces from recyclable materials without compromising quality.

In addition to their environmental benefits, our whiteboards are available in various sizes, colors, and finishes and can be tailored to match your product specifications and expectations.

Wearability for Lifelong Use

CeramicSteel whiteboards feature a vitrified, glass-hard surface fused to light-gauge enameling-grade steel at temperatures ranging from 700 to 900 °C (1292–1652°F).

This process results in a surface with high resistance to impact, abrasion, scratching, and color fading, maintaining its quality through years of use. 

Rated at a minimum of 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, the e³ CeramicSteel ensures that your investment is a quality product and a lasting solution.

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Technical Excellence and Support

Polyvision is not just a supplier; we are your innovation partner. Our team provides comprehensive technical support, from material selection to integration into your manufacturing process.

We ensure you have all the resources necessary to leverage the benefits of CeramicSteel in your products.

Polyvision’s CeramicSteel stands out as the material for manufacturers and B2B clients in a market demanding high-quality, sustainable, and durable whiteboard surfaces.

Contact us today to learn more about our B2B offerings and how we can support your business goals.

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Modern Spaces with CeramicSteel Whiteboards

In today’s fast-paced environments, tools are crucial for facilitating communication, productivity, and well-being, whether in education, business, or creative sectors.

Polyvision’s CeramicSteel whiteboards are at the core of this intersection, providing a range of benefits that aim to improve every aspect of your space. 

These innovative surfaces are transforming the way we work, learn, and collaborate by promoting transparent communication and supporting health and safety measures.

Discover how Polyvision’s CeramicSteel whiteboards can enhance your organization’s efficiency, creativity, and overall success.

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Enhanced Visual Communication

CeramicSteel whiteboards offer high-contrast backgrounds for clear, effective visual communication. They enhance comprehension and engagement among viewers for any purpose, whether educational, business, or creative. 

Multifunctional Surfaces

CeramicSteel whiteboards offer more than just the standard writing and display features. They are versatile tools that can be used in various settings. In addition to writing and presenting, they can also function as magnetic bulletin boards, allowing you to post notices, presentations, or educational materials. This feature adds an extra layer of functionality to any workspace or classroom.

Health and Safety First

When it comes to maintaining a clean environment, CeramicSteel is an excellent choice. Its non-porous surface doesn’t allow bacteria or viruses to thrive, making the surroundings healthier. Moreover, you can easily clean it using standard disinfectants without damaging the surface. This makes it easier to keep a hygienic space.

Long-term Investment

Although CeramicSteel whiteboards may have a higher initial cost than traditional ones, their longevity and durability make them a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Reducing the frequency of replacements and requiring minimal maintenance leads to significant savings and less environmental waste.

Reflective of Brand and Culture

CeramicSteel whiteboards can be personalized in both design and function to represent an organization’s brand or an educational institution’s culture. This personalization helps establish a sense of identity and belonging among users, resulting in an improved overall experience and connection to the environment.

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