• CeramicSteel Supporting Students in Shanghai

    PolyVision partnered with iDA Workplace and Steelcase to create a new learning space at the Sir Horace Kadoorie Youth Development Centre in Shanghai, China.

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  • Home office with laptop, wooden table, and to do list on wall mounted whiteboard

    A Healthy Outlook on Remote Work

    With recent events pushing many employees to their homes to work while “real life” happens around them, these expectations have been challenged and people have been forced to find new meaning in the term “work-life balance.”

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  • A white hospital atrium with people sitting on lounge sofas

    Staying Healthy: Your Surface Environment

    In the thick of cold and flu season, it’s important to disinfect the surfaces you may not typically think of.

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  • Bright, white kitchen area with a whiteboard calendar and a whiteboard with meal planning written in marker

    tabi | the personal whiteboard to organize your life.

    Beautifully designed to complement any space and made with durable, sustainable, bacteria resistant CeramicSteel, tabi was created as the ultimate task master to last a lifetime.

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  • Yellow desk chairs gathered around conference table in front of large whiteboard

    A Fresh Flow

    Now available in both framed and frameless options, choose between a modern aesthetic that looks like a canvas ready to be filled and a “built in” appearance. Learn more

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  • Subway train platform with large printed flower panels on the walls

    Revitalize Transit Spaces

    PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel gives architects and fabricators a top-class look paired with versatility and enduring strength.

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  • A classroom setting with tables pushed together to for work areas and two large rectangle whiteboards spanning the wall

    In More Than 25 Million Classrooms

    Resistant to scratches, stains and bacteria PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel is the surface of choice for classrooms around the world.

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  • Hand using round whiteboard eraser to remove writing on writing board

    Slow the Spread: Cleaning + Disinfecting

    In a time with viruses like COVID-19, it’s just as important to disinfect surfaces to reduce the spread of infection.

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  • Escalators in a train station with purple wall paneling

    Dynamic and Durable. PolyVision Corporation and Gordon, Inc. Introduce PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers

    PolyVision Corporation and Gordon, Inc. today introduced PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers.

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Products That Are Made to Last

For over 60 years, PolyVision has consistently produced durable and sustainable CeramicSteel surfaces that stand the test of time even in the most demanding environments. From chalkboard and whiteboard surfaces in more than 25,000,000 classrooms to architectural cladding in train and metro stations, tunnels, hotels and hospitals, PolyVision CeramicSteel spans more than 185 million square meters (2 billion square feet) of architecture around the world.

CeramicSteel is one of the most durable surfaces available, combining the best qualities of porcelain and steel to create a surface that is unmatched in the industry. Strong, consistent and enduring, it will neither scratch nor corrode. It refuses stains and is colorfast. As a result, cleaning is easier, maintenance is minimal and life cycle costs are dramatically reduced.

Recent Projects

Educator and student standing at wall-mounted whiteboard, going over assignment
Kadoorie Youth Development Centre

Shanghai, China | 2019

Magnetic whiteboard panels mounted to larger board on blue wall in meeting room, with nearby monitor and meeting room chairs

Baton Rouge, Louisiana | 2019

Group collaborating around whiteboard in conference room with nearby conference seating and tables

San Francisco, California | 2019