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A surface that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Our enameled steel coils represent craftsmanship and innovation. These coils undergo a transformative process where a layer of enamel is skillfully applied, turning them into resilient and adaptable writing surfaces. Porcelain-enameled steel coils are known for their quality; they harmoniously merge steel’s robustness with enamel’s cleanliness. 

The result? A smooth finish with varying gloss levels makes writing and erasing a draft easier. These coils are tailor-made for environments where information demands frequent updates and hygiene is paramount. 

Our CeramicSteel coils come in various sizes and are fully customizable to your requirements. The possibilities are limitless, from traditional chalkboards and whiteboards that grace classrooms, offices, and conference rooms to architectural and interior design projects. 

Our coils are durable and can withstand scratches, stains,
fading, and have magnetic properties. They maintain their appearance and functionality for years, making them a reliable and long-lasting investment.

DISCOVER our e³ Writing Surface and Architectural Coils.

Each coil is tailored to meet diverse needs in various industry applications.

The Foundation of our Product Lines

The e³ Writing Surface CeramicSteel and Architectural CeramicSteel are based on these coils. They have similar features but differ in size depending on their intended use.

e³ Writing Surface Coils

Renowned for their performance in educational and professional environments, e³ writing surface coils shine. They are the building blocks for high-end writing boards, expansive whiteboards, and highly sought-after anti-graffiti surfaces in these settings.

Architectural CeramicSteel

Designed for architectural applications, Architectural CeramicSteel is the choice of architects and builders who prioritize aesthetics and durability. These coils are instrumental in cladding, paneling, and collaborative products.

Writing Performance

Smooth and easy to clean


Crafted with minimal environmental impact,
aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Resistant to scratches and wear, ensuring longevity
and continuous appeal. It is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Providing a sleek,
modern look that
enhances any design.



CeramicSteel, also known as porcelain enamel, is a vitreous surface. This surface provides a non-porous finish that is stronger than glass. It is created by fusing finely ground colored glass onto a substrate through a firing process.

A metal substrate, whether precious or non-precious, is used to enhance its strength and durability. This is because of its stability and ability to withstand the firing process.

Our CeramicSteel is produced through a continuous coil-coating process. We coat a thin, cold-rolled carbon steel substrate with porcelain enamel on both sides and then fuse it to the steel at high temperatures. 

Dive into the specifications of our coils and learn more about what they can offer you!