• Mobile whiteboard with wheels next to a whiteboard on wall with website drawings in black marker
  • White chalk written on a grey chalkboard with a chalk and eraser holder
  • Meeting room with stools around a meeting table in front of a mobile screen stand and large whiteboard
  • Conference space with table, guest chairs, and floor-to-ceiling whiteboards with writing on them

Adapt Vertical Real Estate

Large image of PolyVision’s a3 CeramicSteel logo in gray

Collaborate freely.

The importance of collaboration has never been greater, but people need the right tools to capture their ideas. Flow™ is a full wall modular whiteboard system with framed and frameless options that brings limitless writing freedom to any workspace.

Think vertically.

With no vertical joint covers, this modular vertical whiteboard system is easy to install and configure, making it simple to integrate into any environment. From smaller spaces featuring two to three panels to large training areas with five or more panels, the ability to mount the dry erase board panels side-by-side means there’s no limit to wall coverage.

The smooth, glass-like a3 CeramicSteel surface serves as both a highly functional platform for boundless communication and a design feature to aesthetically enhance any environment. With a clear marker-to-whiteboard color contrast, a³ CeramicSteel offers readability not found with other framed or frameless dry erase boards. It’s also magnetic, easy to clean and fully scratch resistant. In fact, it’s so durable it has an expected lifecycle exceeding 50 years.

Choose Your Look

Flow™ can set the tone within a space and complete the overall design. The frameless option offers a modern aesthetic that looks like a canvas ready to be filled, while the framed option creates a “built in” appearance.

  • Writing and drawings on a full wall whiteboard in collaborative space
  • White chalk written on a grey chalkboard with a chalk and eraser holder
  • Floor-to-ceiling whiteboard with custom graphics and marker drawings in front of conference table



  • Concealed vertical joints
  • Highly durable
  • Surface made from inorganic materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Colorfast – will not fade
  • Scratch, bacteria, chemical and fire resistant
  • No made-to-order components
  • Smooth, inert surface
  • Sophisticated aesthetic
  • Framed and frameless options available

How to Buy:

Steelcase Dealer network
Designtex Collaborative Surfaces Team

Email inquiry to APACsupport@polyvision.com

Europe, Middle East + Africa
Email inquiry to EMEAsupport@polyvision.com

Included Trim/Hardware

  • Clear anodized aluminum


Technical Information


Product Dimensions Thickness Weight
Flow™ 1830 1185 mm x 1830 mm / 47 in x 72 in 13 mm / 0.51 in 28 kg / 61.7 lbs
Flow™ 2420 1185 mm x 2420 mm / 47 in x 95 in 13 mm / 0.51 in 37 kg / 81.5 lbs

Sizes are nominal

Standard Colors


Alpine White


Hygienic White Gloss

* Actual colors may vary. Contact your sales representative for color samples.

**Custom colors available upon request. For more information on Surface Imaging visit polyvision.com

Surface Imaging + Customization

Flow™ offers enhanced opportunities for creativity and customization. In addition to the two standard finishes, PolyVision’s state-of-the-art digital printing technology allows for custom artwork, logos and images. No matter the environment, the Surface Imaging option is an ideal solution for long-lasting inspiration and overall design appeal.