Commercial Furniture

The Commercial Furniture industry has seen a dramatic shift in response to remote work initiatives and heightened public health awareness. As a result, market leaders have adapted product offerings to meet customer needs by developing innovative solutions for space division, nomadic work environments for hybrid work schedules, and sanitary surfaces to help keep employees safe and healthy.
At Polyvision, we support our Commercial Furniture customers with a range of workspace solutions and collaborative product development to meet new market demands. Our CeramicSteel surfaces are non-porous and inorganic, a naturally bacteria resistant surface ideal for sanitary spaces. We also offer Hygienic CeramicSteel, a self-sanitizing surface that takes microbe protection one step further, utilizing advanced Silver Ion Technology to inhibit germs and keep surfaces clean throughout their lifetime.
From clean and classic whiteboards and chalkboards, to innovative mixed-media boards and accessories, it remains Polyvision’s goal to provide our Commercial Furniture customers with the highest quality surfaces for their adaptable spaces.

Commercial Furniture Customer Advantages

Customer Service

  • Sample Support

Product Management

  • Industry Insights
  • Market Costing and Research
  • Product Development

Market Support

  • Go-To Market Planning
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing Support

Recommended Applications

Meeting Spaces

• Full-wall conference room writing boards

• Projection whiteboards

• Mobile markerboards

• Acoustic mobile boards

Open Office Spaces

• Mobile boards

• Whiteboard desktop dividers

• Custom-printed statement boards


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