A fundamental shift has occurred in how students and educators view learning – and the spaces in which they learn.

Teaching has become more interactive with a focus on creativity, collaboration and active learning. At the same time, students, teachers and other staff expect safe and accessible learning environments that minimize the risk of exposure to bacteria and other microbes.

To achieve this balance of function and performance, it is crucial to ensure surfaces in education spaces are at once durable, versatile and easy to clean and sanitize. Innovations such as CeramicSteel full wall systems, whiteboards and mobile, multipurpose dividers provide educational institutions with hygienic, bacteria-resistant surfaces that foster dynamic collaboration while instilling valuable peace of mind.

These game-changing surfaces also support enhanced visual communication and connect analog and digital learning to create enriched experiences that take education to a new level.

Education Product Advantages


CeramicSteel surfaces come with a lifetime warranty, meaning your markerboard or chalkboard surface is guaranteed to last. Other surfaces including tackboard, acoustic, and glass also come with generous warranties.

Safety First

We put safety at the forefront when designing products for education. All CeramicSteel products are Indoor Air Quality certified, releasing no VOCs. They are easy to clean, non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant.

Recommended Applications

Classroom Collaboration

• Whiteboards

• Chalkboards

• Combination Writing + Tackboards

• Mobile Boards

Space Division

• Mobile Boards

• Acoustic Space Dividers

• Glass Tabletop School Shields

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