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Designing for public spaces requires resilient products that can withstand aggressive and polluted environments. Polyvision CeramicSteel architectural cladding has the power to transform any environment through its practically unlimited combination of colors, printing options, dimensions and applications.

Standard Solid Colors
  • White Color Swatch
  • White Color Swatch

    Polyvision Color Code 9003 G/M
    Nearest RAL 9010 Pure White
    Nearest PMS Cool Gray 1 C

Mount Style:
None, Panels Only
Surface Type:

Features + Benefits:

  • Defies aggressive and polluted environments
  • Remove graffiti with no residue
  • Difficult to scratch with a knife
  • Easy to clean with water or any solvent
  • Smooth inert surface
  • Surface made from inorganic materials
  • Custom colors available upon request

Panel Options:

  • Standard – CeramicSteel panel bonded to a substrate and a backside sheet with an unfinished edge to create a paneled look when used with a sealed framing system.
  • Finished – CeramicSteel panel bonded to a substrate and a backside sheet with a finished edge and sealed with a durable and attractive lacquer.
  • Flexible – CeramicSteel sheet bonded panel is trimmed on the short edge and can be sealed with a durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape.
  • Digitally printed panels available upon request
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Every infrastructure project, whether new construction or renovation, faces a changing architectural, technological and human landscape. Global transportation infrastructure is shifting dramatically. Growth in Asia is driving expansion of rapid transit and metro systems. In Europe, the economic recovery has made infrastructure improvements a top priority and in North America energy renaissance is fueling demands on infrastructure.

Combining the best qualities of porcelain and steel, CeramicSteel architectural cladding is unmatched in the industry. It is one of the most durable surfaces available, making it an ideal solution for airports, train stations, corridors, industrial applications, healthcare, education and corporate spaces. Strong, consistent and enduring, CeramicSteel large architectural panels will neither scratch nor corrode. It refuses stains and is colorfast. As a result, cleaning is easier, maintenance is minimal and life cycle costs are dramatically reduced.

From road tunnels built for the Winter Olympics in Russia, the Mersey Queensway tunnel in the UK, retail exteriors in Malaysia and legendary theme parks in Florida and France, to various metro stations and airports across the US and Europe, architects, designers and builders rely on superior metal architectural cladding from Polyvision.

Architectural CeramicSteel Panels and Cladding has a broad range of uses, including but not limited to metro stations, train and rail stations, airport terminals, underpasses and access tunnels, roadway tunnels, public spaces, corridors and lobbies, and restroom facilities and clean rooms.

Standard Product Dimensions

120 in x 47.24 in Panel Thickness Panel Weight
Standard Panel 1-9 0.37 in 4.77 lb/sqft
Standard Panel 1-13 0.53 in 4.77 lb/sqft
Standard Panel 2-12 0.49 in 4.30 lb/sqft
Standard Panel 3-10 0.41 in 3.07 lb/sqft
Standard Panel 3-13 0.53 in 5.33 lb/sqft

Finished Product Dimensions

118.11 in x 46.65 in Thickness Panel Weight
Finished 1-9 0.37 in 4.30 lb/sqft
Finished 1-13 0.53 in 4.77 lb/sqft
Finished 3-9 0.41 in 2.66 lb/sqft
Finished 3-13 0.53 in 5.33 lb/sqft

Flexible Product Dimensions

118.11 in x 47.24 in Thickness Panel Weight
Flexible 1 0.04 in 1.31 lb/sqft
Flexible 2 0.07 in 2.09 lb/sqft
Flexible 3 0.08 in 2.99 lb/sqft
Flexible 4 0.11 in 2.19 lb/sqft

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Architectural Panel Guide


Finished Standard Panel Spec Sheet
Standard Panel 1-9
Standard Panel 3-10
Standard Panel 2-12
Standard Panel 1-13
Standard Panel 3-13
Flexible Panel Spec Sheet
Flexible Panel 4
Flexible Panel 1
Flexible Panel 2
Flexible Panel 3
CeramicSteel Interior Wall
Finished Edge 1-9
Finished Edge 1-13
Finished Edge 3-10
Finished Edge 3-13

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