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Digital Printing on Enameled Steel –
Uplevel Your Project with Artful and Functional Imagery


Have you been researching a printable material that combines durability and versatility with unmatched quality? Polyvision has the product you’ve been looking for; high-resolution digital printing on vitreous enameled steel is the ultimate solution for your imaging needs in educational, healthcare, hospitality, and corporate spaces.

How Digital Printing Enhances Enameled Steel

Ceramic digital printing utilizes cutting-edge ceramic inkjet print technology to introduce a wide range of imagery to Polyvision’s legendary vitreous enamel surface. This process stands head-and-shoulders above standard steel printing methods, offering various benefits that redefine the art of image reproduction.

Durability Beyond Compare

Enameled steel is remarkably durable, excelling in high traffic, demanding public environments such as schools, universities, hospital elevator lobbies, medical facilities, corporate office common spaces, and boardrooms. Digitally printed enameled steel encounters many environmental elements including heavy-duty cleaning products, graffiti attempts and intense sunlight to name a few and braves those challenges without negative impact. Enameled steel’s robustness ensures that digitally-printed imagery remains colorfast and visually striking, maintaining its allure over time.

Versatility Redefined

Digital printing on enameled steel embraces versatility and the creative process, empowering designers to render diverse imagery on the enameled steel canvase. The possibilities are boundless: complex logos, captivating graphics, photography, and written text are easily achieved with our digital print technology.

Image Excellence

Digital printing is the crown jewel of Polyvision’s enameled steel. Its unique ability to generate high-quality images brings creative ideas into reality with fine detail and a wide range of beautiful colors. The result is a visual masterpiece that speaks volumes and enhances varied spaces.


From Vision to Reality:
Project Management Services


It’s a creative journey to transform imagination into reality, and our Studio Team is available to assist you along the way, offering project management for your custom imaging projects on CeramicSteel.

Submit your own print-ready files to us: the guide below is designed to help you to prepare high-resolution artwork for the project submission.

Navigating the nuances of color management and image enhancement using our digital ceramic print technology becomes seamless with our consultation services. We offer insights into our proprietary digital print capabilities and stand ready to address any queries regarding large-format digital printing.

Fulfilling Your Vision

Our dual-step approval process is designed to facilitate collaboration between Polyvision and our clients. Working together is the ideal way to ensure a successful project outcome each and every time. After approvals are in place and an order is submitted, our dedicated team will guide the project through production to final delivery and at key milestones along the way.


CeramicSteel Printing Advantages

Aesthetics: Customizable Graphics






Durability: Both Surface and Image

20-year limited warranty

Scratch and abrasion resistant


99% Recyclable

100% Inorganic materials

Utility: Fit for Demanding Environments

Graffiti resistant


Bacteria resistant

Chemical resistant

Fire resistant

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