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How often do we go through the same daily routine, passing the same landmarks and following the same patterns without noticing what is around us? What if we looked up from our cellphones, the incessant work emails or social media notifications, and really studied our surroundings; what would we see? What surprises are around us on our most boring days? You may realize that the walls you walk past every day are working hard to keep you healthy.

Beurs Metro Station

Here’s an example: If you’re traveling through Brussels metro station, Beurs, you’ll see walls bursting with bright, cheerful yellows and orange contrasting with black and white images digitally printed onto the surface. It’s an inviting space, but the CeramicSteel walls are tirelessly doing their job.

Biking to a Better Brussels

A new bicycle parking center was recently opened at the Beurs station. All of this strong, bold imagery was developed to draw in and encourage travelers to use the bicycle parking. This is all part of a larger campaign to increase the percentage of bicycle transportation throughout the city for a healthier Brussels and to reduce pollution from motor vehicle use.

Sustainability and CeramicSteel

With health and sustainability at the center of this campaign, CeramicSteel was the obvious choice for clean and environmentally responsible wall cladding. 99.9% recyclable and ISO certified for Quality, Health and Safety, CeramicSteel lasts for years in high traffic spaces like public bicycle parking.

In addition to its sustainability factor, the CeramicSteel walls at Beurs metro station are inherently resistant to stains, scratches, bacteria, graffiti and fire, safeguarding the cladding from any hazards they may encounter and reducing the possibility of transferring germs from the surface to travelers.

Did you know?

CeramicSteel has been a favorite surface material for architects in the transit industry for years, serving as durable panels and cladding with a printable surface. But did you know CeramicSteel is used in even more spaces, hidden in plain view?

Try out our crossword puzzle to discover just a few of places you’ll find CeramicSteel from Polyvision:

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