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Public art plays a vital role in many communities across the globe. As part of a new build, Hennepin County Library System commissioned RE:site studios to design a mural for the library walls that tells the story of world culture and local geography through the lens of science and math.
This lenticular mural, named Sectio Aurea, allows viewers to discover two pieces of vibrant, interactive artwork. Installed at the interior fascia of the library are 331 unique Flexible 4 CeramicSteel panels that can be seen from both outside and inside the building. These panels were digitally printed in Genk, Belgium on Polyvision’s state of the art printer, cut to size and shipped to Metalab for installation.
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Partner Designtex

Completion Date 2016

Area 2092 ft2

Client Hennepin County Library

Architect Metalab

Artist RE:site

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