Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station

Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station | Arvada, Colorado

In Arvada, Colorado, passengers have a unique opportunity to embrace the city’s agricultural history and promising future when walking past the “Chromatic Harvest” mural set in the Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station. Digitally printed on 105 Standard steel cladding panels, the mural artfully tells the story of Arvada’s mission to continue progressing, holding true to its long-standing commitment to nature. Along the rail station walls, this theme of movement is conveyed visually in a lenticular fashion, with the images of crop fields and vibrant colors shifting as the passengers walk by. RE:site’s artistry and the installation expertise from Metalab contributed to the masterful design ─ which amplifies as the passengers move closer and discover the minute shapes and colors that help illuminate the work of art. Polyvision and Designtex are proud to provide a durable surface and printing technology that gives the Regional Transportation District of Denver a piece that will inspire passengers and the entire city to keep moving forward, together.




Regional Transportation District of Denver (RTD)





Print Type:

Digital Print

Completion Date:


Product Used:

Standard 1-9


1,106 ft2 | 105 panels

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