Polyvision’s Top 5 Projects of the Decade

They say hindsight is 2020, and we like what we see. As the beginning of a new year is ramping up, we’re looking back at our five favorite projects from the decade we left behind.

Adler-Alpika Servis Tunnel

Built to welcome Olympians to the 2014 Winter games, the Adler-Alpika Servis Tunnel extends nearly 30 miles and is a true test of a3 CeramicSteel’s durability. 

Smooth and flexible wall panels line the main road tunnel for the 2014 Olympics

Art in Transit – Singapore Land Transit Authority

Taking part in the remodel of 12 Singapore Metro Stations, Polyvision CeramicSteel was the artistic medium for local artists and designers to create a concept around each station. From the natural elements of Air, Water and Fire to local landmarks and cultural references, each station has its own unique meaning.

The And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore is printed on CeramicSteel architectural cladding and features imagery inspired by local culture and architecture.

Demey Metro Station

Belgian photographer Michel Dusariez was tasked with creating artwork for two 40 meter long corridors leading to the underground station. The result was a breathtaking series of dynamic photographs reproduced onto CeramicSteel panels entitled “People in Motion” showcasing people in brightly colored clothing dancing, walking and playing musical instruments.

Brightly colored clothing with people dancing and walking printed on Finished Edge Panels in a metro station

Shriner’s Hospitals for Children

Eighty-five CeramicSteel panels were digitally printed and installed to create 12 vibrant murals at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Lexington, Kentucky.

Side view of a mural on decorative wall cladding of four children laying on illustrations created by artist Christopher David Ryan showcasing clovers and flowers with script off to the right

Arvada Ridge Light Rail Station

Digitally printed on 105 CeramicSteel panels, “Chromatic Harvest” tells Arvada’s mission to continue progressing, holding true to its long-standing commitment to nature. The mural was installed by the Regional Transportation District of Denver as a reminder of the area’s connection to agriculture.

A high-angle view of the Arvada Ridge Light Rail Station, part of the RTD Denver G Line, showing the Chromatic Harvest mural

The list of projects Polyvision has grown to know and love over the past decade is long. You’re invited to check out our project gallery to learn more about these, and other projects we have been part of.  We are looking forward to adding many more projects to our list over the next ten years!

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