• A wide view of the interior wall panels that make up the And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore.
  • The And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore is printed on CeramicSteel architectural cladding and features imagery inspired by local culture and architecture.
  • The And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore includes decorative panels featuring images of hibiscus flowers, which represent joy and celebration.

Bendemeer Station - Downtown Line 3 | Kallang, Singapore

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority designated the renovation of six stations, including the Bendeemer Station, as part of its innovative program, “Art in Transit” (AIT). This program sought to transform some of Singapore’s popular metro stations with inspiring art from local artists. Unique to this station, a vibrant piece of artwork titled “And a New World” created by Christene Chang Hoei spans across eight CeramicSteel panels. Inspired by the surrounding city’s history, architecture, colors and patterns, Hoei incorporated these elements in her masterpiece of five petalled Hibiscus, conveying the meaning of joy and celebration. Additionally, the inclusion of French lace signified the European influence in the nearby Jalan Besar area, with the meaning of delicacy and refinement. Hoei’s unique portrayal required a material such as CeramicSteel that showcases the detail in the artwork and can withstand the constant activity in this station.

Client: Land Transport Authority

Main Contractor/Installer: Penta Ocean

Artist: Christine Chang Hoei

Art Contractor: Top Pave Pta. Ltd.

Completion Date: August 2016

Print Type: Digital 1

Area: 8 panels

Product Used: Standard 2-12

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