• An overhead view of a corridor in Singapore’s Fort Canning Station which features CeramicSteel panels in contrasting shades of green and black.
  • Hallway in the Fort Canning Station lined with architectural cladding in varying shades of green, forming a gradient.
  • Black and green panels in Fort Canning metro station
  • Bright green panels on the walls of a metro station as people walk through

Fort Canning Station - Downtown Line 3 | River Valley, Singapore

As you travel through the Fort Canning Station in Singapore, you’ll see the contrasting colors of green and black. This palette comes together in a piece of artwork that represents the greenery and natural landscape that is found along the nearby Singapore River. Located at the intersection of River Valley Road and Clemenceau Avenue, Fort Canning Station is a beautiful representation of the city and its dedication to nature. Installing 1,500 m2 of the colorfast and durable CeramicSteel material within the station ensures that future commuters will experience this masterful design year after year.

Interior of Fort Canning subway station with lime green panels on the walls

Product Used: Flexible 3, Standard 2-12

Main Contractor: GS E&C

Client: Land Transport Authority

Architectural Contractor: Shanghai Chong Kee Woodcraft &
Construction Pte. Ltd.

Completion Date: December 2016

Area of Panels: 1,500 m2

Print Type: Screen 1