Toolbar gives teams the tools they need to create and innovate. Gone are the days of scattered markers and lost erasers — each tool has its place.

Mount Style:
Surface Type:
  • Matte black​
  • Mounts magnetically​
  • Can be mounted in multiple directions to support writing space, left and right-handed users


  • Toolbar
  • Eraser
  • Extra microfiber cloths
  • Cleaning instructions​
  • Writing tools:
    • 4 standard markers included for gloss surfaces​
    • 4 chalk sticks included with chalkboard surfaces
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Always there when you need it, the Polyvision Toolbar is a designer accessory kit and magnetic marker holder that enhances your collaboration. The patented base snugly holds dry erase markers or chalk sticks, while the magnetic, ergonomically designed microfiber eraser settles into a docking station when not in use. Focus on the big ideas, while Toolbar keeps track of the little things. Magnetic mounting is compatible with the surface of any of our office whiteboards or mobile whiteboards.

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Toolbar Brochure | English
Toolbar Brochure | German
Toolbar Brochure | French
Toolbar Brochure | Chinese
Toolbar Brochure | Japanese

Instruction Manual

Toolbar Instruction Manual


Toolbar Spec Sheet

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