The science behind each individual surface material is made with a man taking closer look at each product coming through

The Power of Our People

Polyvision’s surfaces are the driving force behind our organization. Our continued efforts in Research and Development have brought the art of enameling to a rare level of extreme control over product and process, guaranteeing a product that performs with unmatched uniformity using rigorous, globally standardized guidelines across ISO 9001 facilities. We take special care to partner with only the industry’s best, and all our suppliers must adhere to a Code of Conduct based on the United Nations Global Compact. Quality control, safety and environment are key parameters in our philosophy and in our day-to-day practice.


The Science of Surface


Polyvision CeramicSteel technology is complex and exacting. The result is a beautiful and reliable uniformity across all contours, including edges. Here is a glance at our proprietary continuous coil enameling process:

  • Heated in the range of 1292° – 1652° F (700° – 900° C), powdered glass is melted and flows and hardens
  • The resulting enamel is fused onto the metal coil
  • Finally, a smooth, durable, abrasion-resistant surface is produced
  • Coils, sheets cut to any size, or laminated panels are ready for fabrication or distribution

The result is the world’s most durable and sustainable CeramicSteel surface. Resistant to chemicals, scratches, bacteria, fire, graffiti and stains, Polyvision CeramicSteel performs even in the most demanding environments.

​According to criteria of global enamel authorities, Polyvision CeramicSteel far exceeds melamine and painted steel for its ability to resist abrasion and scratching as well as providing ideal writing surfaces and architectural panels with exceptional durability and cleanability.