Make Your Hygienic Spaces More Comfortable

Markerboards are notorious for their clean, white surface and sterile facade. While hygienic and functional, these aren’t the most thought-provoking or comforting features. If your whiteboard presents a cold and clinical feel, so will the space; and then people will struggle to maintain their focus. As we look to the new ways we’ll have to plan for teams, experts are discovering how we can blend safe and hygienic space design with effective and comfortable decor, furniture, and layouts. Keep reading for four ways to warm up a collaborative space. 

Warm Accents  

Accentuate your whiteboard and make it a statement piece. Using warm, neutral wall colors, bring a sense of comfort and calm to spaces that may typically feel aloof or unwelcoming.

Office collaborative space with wood paneling, neutral colored walls and furniture, chalkboards, and whiteboards

Products using clean surfaces like Hygienic CeramicSteel whiteboards will solidify confidence in the safety of a room while integrating softer, more inviting wall colors and accents will create a comfortable and inviting view of the whiteboard. Using Collaborative Worktools like Sans™ with accented edges can also bring in a subtle touch of color to draw the eye to your writing surface while adding depth. 

When your dry erase board becomes the focal point of a comfortable room, it’s easier to draw attention to its contents. By accentuating your whiteboard colors against the warm wall paint, it will have a “magnetic” effect on the eye, drawing attention to it. 

Biophilic Design 

It has been hypothesized that the use of nature in design can have positive psychological, physiological and spiritual effects on people. An article in Psychology Today points to nature’s ability to boost mood, enhance memory retention and productivity, and reduce stress. It’s no wonder Biophilic Design has seen burgeoning popularity in recent years. The strategic placement of natural elements in a space can bring warmth, reduce tension and create a distinct juxtaposition against expected workplace staples like writing surfaces. 

Office wall with black markerboard and plant walls

Well-placed pieces like potted plants, biowalls, and natural wood elements can bring the same benefits as an expansive biophilic integration. Plants also help reduce unnecessary noise in the room, allowing for better focus. The added psychological benefits of relaxing calmness will help make whiteboard presentations feel less formal.   


The appropriate use of textiles in a room can define its ambience. Incorporating area rugs, window treatments, upholstered pieces, and even textile wall art can soften sterile environments to create a more warm and inviting place. Interior designers make use of textiles to round out the tone for spaces they are designing.

Office conference space with warm colored walls and floor, cafe furniture, and wall mounted monitor

By adding soft rugs with nature-inspired patterns, cotton draperies and furnishings welcoming anyone to take a seat, you get an environment that allows people to be relaxed and ready to relate and collaborate. Team members will be more receptive to interaction and people are more at ease in the space – prepared to work or learn in an effective way.  

Incorporating textiles serves a twofold purpose. In addition to their impact on space aesthetics, textiles are effective at sound absorption. Reducing the carry of background noise and echo, this is especially useful in common areas and rooms requiring a quieter atmosphere. With the increase of hard flooring, the integration of textiles with acoustic properties has become more commonplace.  

Digital Printing 

Another option to positively alter the mood in a room is to use quality digital printing on your Collaborative Worktools. Incorporating graphics, designs or photography can make the whiteboard a work of art. With digital printing, precision Surface Imaging captures detail and quality for a focal point in any space. 

Modern conference space with chairs around large round table and dry-erase board mounted on wallIn a post-COVID-19 world, we are all doing our best to create environments where we can remain safe and healthy while also regaining a sense of comfort and belonging. Sanitary and hygienic office spaces are key to our future wellbeing, but it’s also important to find a balance that supports productive collaboration and focus. Incorporating warm tones, interesting textures and elements from nature can center the individual and bring focus to tasks at hand. 

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