What will our world look like Post-COVID-19?


What changes will we need to make?
Many organizations need to adapt classrooms, offices and meeting rooms to adhere to new guidelines set out to keep us all safe in these changing times.

So, how do we ensure the health and safety of our spaces in this changing environment?

Our Contribution | Hygienic CeramicSteel

Everyone is doing their part to help shape how we live and work after the COVID-19 crisis and making workplaces and schools spaces safer.

CeramicSteel has long since been bacteria-resistant, meaning the surface is not damaged or influenced by any bacterial activity and germs have nowhere to hide on the smooth and scratch resistant surface.

In 2007 PolyVision began investigating properties that keep our surfaces clean, and since the crisis, we returned to our findings and developed our new Hygienic Surface.

This surface incorporates an additive of silver micro particles formulated to create a clean surface within 24 hours.

With PolyVision’s new Hygienic surface, we are doing our part to keep the surfaces clean for a lifetime.

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