Angled view of a few murals on decorative wall cladding that display elements of the Kentucky landscape situated in corridors in the Lexington Shriners Hospital for Children

Continuing Education: a3 CeramicSteel

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Durability, Functionality and Safety for the Built Environment

Within the built environment, the need for a vertical surface that is both durable and customizable is key for any project. Given the vast array of vertical surface applications in healthcare, education, corporate and public spaces, finding a surface that works across many sectors is challenging. Polyvision offers an informative CEU course that highlights the role CeramicSteel can play and identifies how any project can benefit from this material.

  • Building Systems: Understand why and how CeramicSteel is used in the built environment
  • Environmental: Learn how bacteria resistant properties and LEED drive the need for CeramicSteel
  • Materials and Methods: Identify and understand the systems, products and finishes for CeramicSteel
  • Design: Review installations and resources needed to incorporate CeramicSteel


Units: 1

AIA Designation: HSW


Units: 0.1

IDCEC Designation: HSW

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