• Group collaborating around whiteboard in conference room with nearby conference seating and tables
  • Woman standing at whiteboard in conference room covered in marker drawings, paper notes and diagrams, and magnets

two | San Francisco, CA

Two, a One Workplace affiliate, installed two extra large Arctic White Motif™ whiteboard wall panels in a primary gathering place. The showroom said “Whether you’re working solo, or presenting new ideas to your team, the Polyvision Motif™ Whiteboard expands your visual canvas. The only limit is your imagination.” Installed vertically side-by-side, the surface is used for team meetings to facilitate the creative process.

Partner: two, a One Workplace company

Client: two, a One Workplace company

Installer: two, a One Workplace company

Designer: Polyvision

Product Used: Motif™

Completion Date: Spring 2019