Two people talking to each other as they list countries in on a map using PolyVision’s interactive e3 CeramicSteel Whiteboard Surface

Project + Write

Teaching and presentation methods have evolved. More multimedia, projection and interactive content are being incorporated into the classroom and into corporate meeting spaces worldwide. High performing, multifunctional whiteboard surfaces that work with both analog and digital information are now an increasingly important tool for everyday interaction, learning and collaboration.

Polyvision offers durable whiteboard projector screen surfaces. The Low gloss (Type L) and the Satin gloss (Type S) projection whiteboards are ultra smooth and offer significantly less distortion from light reflection for better visibility and dry erasability.

Type P is a matte dry erase projector board that provides excellent writability and low glare. This non-reflective projection surface is a wet erase surface that is resistant to wear and provides longevity for any classroom.

Unlike other projection surfaces, e3 CeramicSteel is magnetic and, when following proper cleaning instructions, handles a variety of markers, including dry-erase, semi-permanent, water soluble, or permanent. All PolyvVision e3 CeramicSteel whiteboard projector board products are backed by Polyvision’s Forever Warranty.

Better Performance:

  • Increases collaboration by making the transition between projection and writing seamless
  • Is ideal for spaces that are exposed to excessive ambient light
  • Can be used with short throw, long throw or interactive projectors
  • Enhances visibility, increases participation and minimizes classroom and meeting distractions