Enhancing Functionality

PolyVision offers a wide range of printing options to enhance the functionality of your whiteboard or chalkboard surface. From standard patterns such as graph coordinates and lines to custom artwork, printed e3 CeramicSteel is ideal for the conference or boardroom, the office or workstation and of course, the classroom or training facility. PolyVision is dedicated to expanding the application of our high performance e3 CeramicSteel writing surfaces by providing solutions for our customers’ presentation and instructional needs. In addition to standard graphics and patterns shown below, PolyVision’s Surface Imaging capabilities extend from handcrafted screen printing to a cutting-edge digital printing process. This technology allows PolyVision to offer unique and custom designs to communicate a wide range of messages all over the globe. For more information on our Surface Imaging capabilities, contact our sales team.

PolyVision 2 inch lines graphic for writing surfaces2 Inch Lines

Penmanship Lines Graphic for PolyVision SurfacesPenmanship Lines

Music Staff Lines for PolyVision Writing SurfacesMusic Lines

PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel dry erase board with graphic linesGraph Coordinates

PolyVision Polar Coordinates Graphic Image for Writing SurfacesPolar Coordinates

PolyVision 2 inch grid graphic for writing surfaces2×2 Grid

All standard patterns are available as cut-to-size sheets and in an array of colors.

Just like the CeramicSteel surface itself, graphics and patterns are fired in the range of 700–900 oC (1292–1652 oF) and are integrated into the top ceramic coating. This results in a pattern that remains visible but will not interfere when writing or erasing on a chalkboard or whiteboard surface.