Pro-Rite Retro-Fit Boards

This innovative board design offers a perfect solution for covering existing boards or when wanting to avoid the labor intensive alternative of adhering skins to the existing surface. Retro-Fit boards fit easily over previously installed framed boards without removing them. Installation can be done in minutes.

CeramicSteel Whiteboard Colors
  • White Gloss Color Swatch
  • White Gloss Color Swatch
    White Gloss

    Polyvision Color Code 6100
    Nearest RAL 9010 Pure White
    Nearest PMS Cool Gray 1 C

  • Almond Gloss

    Polyvision Color Code 6102
    Nearest RAL Light Ivory
    Nearest PMS 7506 C

  • Light Gray Gloss

    Polyvision Color Code 6101
    Nearest RAL RAL 7074 Telegray 4
    Nearest PMS 420 C

CeramicSteel Chalkboard Colors
  • Green Chalk

    Polyvision Color Code 6500C
    Nearest RAL Pine Green
    Nearest PMS 7736 C

  • Black Chalk CS 6501

    Polyvision Color Code 6501 C
    Nearest RAL Black Gray
    Nearest PMS Black 7 C

  • Gray Chalk

    Polyvision Color Code 6502 C
    Nearest RAL 7022 Umbra Grey
    Nearest PMS 425 C

Mount Style:
Wall Mount
Surface Type:
CeramicSteel, Chalkboard, Markerboard


  • Magnetic porcelain enameled steel surface
  • 1” aluminum trim face
  • 1/4” MDF with mylar backer
  • To determine height, measure from the top of the existing board to the top of the existing tray
  • To determine width, measure from the outside edge of the left side of existing board to the outside edge of the right side
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Product Dimensions

Size (h x w) Weight Item #
up to 4' 3/8" 37 lbs RF-404
4' 1/2" to 6' 3/8" 57 lbs RF-406
6’ 1/2” to 8’ 3/8” 74 lbs RF-408
8’ 1/2” to 10’ 3/8” 99 lbs RF-410
10’ 1/2” to 12’ 3/8” 129 lbs RF-412
12’ 1/2” to 16’ 3/8” 161 lbs RF-416

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