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In today’s interconnected world, companies are no longer confined to their local markets; they have the opportunity to influence and contribute on a global scale.

Polyvision, a leading manufacturer of enameled steel known as CeramicSteel, is a prime example of this global-local synergy. We like to demonstrate how an international presence can have a profound and positive local impact with operations spanning regions such as EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.

Adapting products to local needs
Each region has unique architectural, interior, and collaborative design needs. We tailor our CeramicSteel products to fit diverse requirements and ensure their global presence is sensitive to local cultures and environments.
This can include custom designs for specific geographic areas or adapting products to suit different climatic conditions.

The city of Fürth, Germany, has an entire (bird) view over the city inside the metro system of Fürth.

Supporting local economies
Our presence in various regions plays a significant role in boosting local economies. Establishing/supporting manufacturing facilities, offices, and supply chains creates job opportunities and stimulates economic activity. Moreover, by sourcing materials and services locally wherever possible, Polyvision contributes to the economic well-being of its communities.

A local company in South Africa is making exclusive products from Polyvision’s CeramicSteel

Community Engagement and Corporate Responsibility
Beyond business operations, our commitment to community engagement in diverse locations is evident. Whether participating in local events, sponsoring community projects, or engaging in educational initiatives, our activities are geared toward positively impacting local communities.


Donating two chalkboards together with CeramicSteel Mercosul for the local community in São Paulo, Brazil.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise
Our global reach allows a rich exchange of knowledge and expertise across borders. The company enhances its product offerings and advances the industry by sharing insights and innovations from one region to another.

A technical advisor from Genk explained how to install our CermamicSteel Panels for a curved wall in Mumbai Metro Station, India.

Environmental Stewardship

As a manufacturer, we acknowledge the importance of environmental responsibility. The company’s global operations are guided by sustainable practices, ensuring its ecological footprint is minimized. This includes utilizing energy-efficient manufacturing processes, investing in renewable energy, and reducing waste.

Our goal is to become a UN SDG Pioneer by 2025.

Polyvision’s story is a proper example of how a company can have a global presence while positively impacting locally. The company is committed to adapting to each region’s unique needs, supporting local economies, engaging with communities, practicing environmental stewardship, and sharing knowledge.

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