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Polyvision has a passion for investing in the trailblazers of tomorrow and is dedicated to motivating the next generation to become thought leaders of the future. Likewise, American Academy Jordan believes teachers transform the lives of students, families and communities, and takes joy in raising the leaders of tomorrow with a passion for wholistic education.

American Academy Jordan has established a reputation of excellence across the city. To aid their efforts of expansion to reach more students with meaningful education, the Academy pushed to include high school in its curriculum offerings. The school has opened its doors to high school students in the area and expects great things from the program.

To facilitate learning and collaboration in the classroom in support of their aligned visions, these likeminded organizations came together when Polyvision donated a number of new writing boards to American Academy Jordan for use throughout the school. Fabricated, delivered and installed by Kalboard, a local Polyvision partner, the whiteboards were placed in a variety of learning spaces. Further enhancing the functionality of specialized classrooms, markerboards screenprinted with penmanship lines, grid lines and music staff lines were installed.

As an international school, teachers from a variety of cultural backgrounds are brought together to provide students with a well-rounded education. Internationally accredited by the British Council, students from the Academy are qualified to participate in examinations across the globe. Speaking of diverse backgrounds, the Academy hosts students from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany and the United States, among others.

With the addition of new e3 CeramicSteel whiteboards, students will have greater access to opportunities for shared learning and collaboration.

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