Trinity Hall, Tinton Falls, NJ

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Polyvision provided Motif™ collaborative panels to Trinity Hall in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, contributing to the school’s culture of innovation and collaborative learning. As an innovative high school that embraces 21st century skills where collaboration is key to learning and problem solving, Trinity Hall wanted to encourage natural collaboration for their students. Areas within the school were strategically selected for brainstorming, announcements and for group gatherings, and Motif™ was installed in each collaborative zone to facilitate these goals.

As part of a Senior class project, students were tasked with designing the Motif™ panel configurations and selecting the colors and patterns. Provided with installation locations and measurements, each student designed a configuration for each location. These designs were put to a vote by the student body to select the four which were ultimately installed.  The color scheme was simple. Students selected Arctic White and Saffron pattern to match their school colors of white, orange and blue. Not only were the configurations all original designs by the student body seniors, but they also completed the installation. Engineering and Mathematics teacher Kali Lambrou said Motif™ created a “unique, real-world opportunity for the students to use their design skills and a wonderful legacy to leave behind for future classes.”


The Motif™ panel configurations were installed in four separate areas of the school’s new addition. Across from the school Chapel, Motif™ was fitted in a u-shaped collaborative space designed for group meetings, spontaneous collaboration and casual conversation. In the Art + Design room, a second Motif™ configuration was installed on the back wall for organizing announcements and housekeeping notices related to the Art + Design department.

A third configuration was installed across two walls in a second-floor multipurpose classroom. The intention of this Motif™ installation was to serve as a collaborative catalyst in a variety of classroom activities, regardless of the class using the space at a given time.




In the Innovation Space, a fourth Motif™ configuration was installed as part of a larger collaborative learning space designed for free thought and open, shared dialogue.

Motif™ is made using a3 Ceramicsteel, and because their classrooms were equipped with CeramicSteel whiteboards, Trinity Hall had no reservations about the durability and quality of their new Motif™ installations. Because CeramicSteel doesn’t stain or scratch and the digitally printed color never fades, they knew Motif™ was a product they could trust. The design aesthetic fit seamlessly with the school’s Art + Innovation Spaces as complementary collaborative worktools.

The project was completed in March 2019.

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