Adaptive Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

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Your workflow isn’t always stationary and your collaboration doesn’t have to be, either. Open offices and telecommuting have changed the face of the workplace, creating a demand for transitional collaborative tools. Meanwhile, active learning classrooms are bringing adaptability to traditional lectures.

A Sense of Place

A recent article from Steelcase discusses the importance of place. Place influences creative expression, confidence and productivity because of its ability to send a message regarding culture and expectations. Polyvision’s a3 CeramicSteel Mobile whiteboard was designed to meet the growing demand for moveable workstations and support how people work together regardless of place. And, because of Mobile’s smooth-rolling casters, it’s easy to transition from large brainstorming sessions to team meetings, even if your location changes. Mobile also features two sides of CeramicSteel writing surface, so even if you shift from one meeting or class to another you always have a clean slate.

Trusted Quality

Mobile writing surfaces have become a necessary tool, used in every size space. It’s easier to pull a mobile board to where you are than move your workspace, but mobility can also be challenging for less durable surfaces like glass, painted steel and melamine. Unlike other mobile whiteboard materials, CeramicSteel will not break, crack or scratch.  It’s magnetic and easy to clean, providing the user with a sharp, clear contrast for the highest quality viewing experience anywhere, any time.


Mobile offers flexibility to enhance teamwork in any location so you can collaborate on your terms, whether in the office, the classroom, and anywhere in-between. When asked about the development of Mobile, Product Manager Kim Allen said “Moveable writing surfaces support collaboration anywhere by having the ability to create instant team spaces, share ideas and carry information from space to space. Mobile solutions can also support time management and organization. We’ve listened to market demands and added a3 CeramicSteel Mobile to our portfolio to support these exact needs.” Nomadic workers are frequently displaced when in the office, but new worktools like Mobile optimize open spaces for collaboration.

Regardless of place, students and workers are seeing an increase in resources for dynamic spaces to meet the needs of the modern workflow. Furniture and worktools are shifting from static stations to a focus on performance and adaptability, and Polyvision’s Mobile stand is designed to keep workflow agile and enhance performance.

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