• Woman writing on PolyVision’s whiteboard surface in front of students in an Indian classroom setting.

    Polyvision in Action

    Doing our part to provide educational support, build our communities and sustain our environment.

Education + Community + Sustainability

As a company that thrives on the ingenuity of individuals, Polyvision is compelled to invest in the very people who inspire us. We commit to providing education support and encouraging tomorrow’s leaders by equipping classrooms with premium writing surfaces and exposing students to new areas of interests through plant tours and one-on-one tutoring. We build and nurture relationships with community partners and industry leaders through volunteering and collaborating with charitable organizations like United Way. We strive to uphold our part in making the world a better place by producing material that is 99.9% recyclable and practicing sustainable measures in all aspects of production. It is with these core principles that Polyvision continues to impact the world around us.

Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

Whether donating CeramicSteel writing surfaces to under-resourced schools or simply giving our time, PolyVison is devoted to motivating the next generation of tomorrow’s leaders to become thought leaders of the future.

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Woman writing on PolyVision’s chalkboard surface in yellow chalk in front a group of students in an Indian classroom setting

Building Stronger Communities

From classrooms to food pantries, PolyVision is conscious about giving back to our local and national communities and extending our resources to charitable organizations.

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A group of people putting canned goods into a cardboard box.

Making Sustainable Choices

PolyVision understands that sustainability is vital in today’s global economy – inspiring us to strive for continuous improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship.

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A series of windmills in an outdoor setting.