Three Ways CeramicSteel Panels Outlast Other Surface Materials

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Quality performance and aesthetics make CeramicSteel a wise investment.

Kids draw on it in grade school, commuters whiz past it on the subway, and many of us use it every day to collaborate at work. CeramicSteel performance panels are integrated into our daily life in a variety of environments, and for a good reason, CeramicSteel wall panels offer the best combination of high-quality performance and aesthetics all in one product.

Wondering exactly what CeramicSteel is? CeramicSteel panels are Polyvision’s brand of vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel, panels. Vitreous comes from the Latin word vitreum meaning “glass” — fitting for a product that results in a glass-hard surface. In layman’s terms, CeramicSteel is an immensely strong surface material made by fusing glass to steel by firing at temperatures between 1,380 and 1,560 °F (750 and 850 °C). The glass melts and hardens into a high-grade ceramic surface in seconds.

Much stronger than baked enamel, as the end result of the Polyvision coil process produces a surface with the characteristics of both a chemical and mechanical bond, and in an elevated category of materials compared to paint finishes, CeramicSteel panels are superior to other materials in three major ways.

Tampa Riverwalk Laurel Street Bridge Underpass – Tampa, FL

1. Incredibly resistant: CeramicSteel architectural panels are chemical, bacteria, scratch, graffiti, fire, salt, air, rain, snow, dust, sunlight and smoke resistant. Talk about value. CeramicSteel complies with restrictions or the demands of any environment. Highly resistant to radiological and biological contamination the panels are safe to use in medical settings. Protected against nature’s corrosive elements, CeramicSteel panels are the ideal material to use outdoors or in industrial areas. Safe from scratches, non-toxic, and non-chipping, the wall cladding is the perfect option in the workplace and educational environments where products need to be healthy to interact closely with every day and last extended periods of time.

Dijkzigt Electric Tram Station – Rotterdam, Netherlands

2. Ideal for a variety of spaces: Offices, airports, libraries, subway and train stations, lobbies, hallways, schools, bus terminals, tunnels… the places where CeramicSteel cladding performs is endless. Playing in three core space arenas — transit, transitional and collaborative settings — durable and long-lasting Polyvision CeramicSteel has been successfully installed in over 2.1 billion square feet (200 million square meters) across the globe for public and private institutions each with a unique range of needs.

Hennepin County Library – Brooklyn Park, MN

Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station — Arvada Ridge, CO

3. Dynamic design: CeramicSteel stands out compared to competitive products due to its aesthetic quality. Producing clear fidelity of digital imagery and an extensive range of vivid colors, the decorative architectural panels allow every organization or city to design a space that represents their culture or brand. Lively facades in traditionally uncomfortable or uninspiring settings have been proven to boost individual wellbeing. CeramicSteel panels bring any space to life.

A Wise Investment

Add all of these benefits together and throw in a 20-year surface warranty and it’s easy to see why so many customers have selected CeramicSteel compared to other materials. The panels blend top-notch performance and beauty into one hard-working surface that performs in almost any environment. Most importantly, CeramicSteel panels bring people together by providing an inspiring space to collaborate, commute or create.

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