The Vast Versatility of CeramicSteel

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CeramicSteel is so remarkably versatile that you can find examples of it in almost every industry. From interior design to exterior building cladding, from workplace collaboration to large-scale public art projects, CeramicSteel provides a material that lends itself to any environment. With diverse color options, surface imaging allows CeramicSteel to be the perfect branding tool, where logos, images and graphics can be applied to any space.

See how form and function merge as the resourcefulness of CeramicSteel shifts in the following five industries.

1.  Healthcare

First and foremost, CeramicSteel is as clean as it gets. Bacteria and chemical resistant, CeramicSteel is an easy-to-clean surface in environments that must meet health and safety standards like hospitals. CeramicSteel whiteboard writing surfaces also facilitate collaboration and communication among healthcare providers — a critical element in healthcare settings to help prevent devastating mistakes. A recent Johns Hopkins study claims more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year from medical errors, making it the third leading cause of death.

Shriners Hospitals for Children in Lexington, Kentucky showcases how CeramicSteel can also be used to set a relaxing atmosphere in what many consider a stressful environment. Images of the Kentucky landscape throughout the seasons, along with original illustrations by artist Christopher David Ryan, transform a clinical setting from cold and stark to a humanizing space that welcomes visitors and is easy to navigate.

2. Education

Many students today are tasked with learning 21st-century skills like global awareness, creativity and technology in classrooms built decades, if not centuries ago. To encourage active learning, where students shift from passive learners in lecture-style lessons to engaged problem-solvers in collaborative settings, schools worldwide are updating their classrooms with e3 CeramicSteel whiteboards.

The University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany is one such school. Keeping pace with the world outside of education, the classrooms prepare students for the workforce with settings where they can work together to solve real-world problems. CeramicSteel whiteboards provide a place to brainstorm, share and build on one another’s ideas and make learning visible.

3. The Workplace

The nature of work today is constantly changing with the ever-increasing influx of technology. The global economy brings with it global problems and industry disruptors, resulting in a high-demand for creativity and innovation solutions. To keep track of fast-moving information and updates and to encourage teams to come together to develop new products and solutions, whiteboards are a valuable tool that can be used in a variety of settings.

Steelcase’s WorkLife Center in Tokyo, Japan took advantage of PolyVision’s digital printing capabilities on CeramicSteel to enhance their Team Studio. The art is an abstract design of a map of Tokyo — infusing energy and identity into a collaborative space for employees and customers touring the space.

4. Transportation

Whether you travel by car, train or plane, CeramicSteel is a diverse material with aspects like extreme durability against scratches, fire and weather that make it the perfect material for transit stations, tunnels and walkways. It can be used as a raw material to clad metro stations and airports or a display surface for wayfinding, graphics and public art projects.

The Charles de Gaulle metro station in Paris, France presents a bright and dynamic surrounding in the bustling city’s underground. An original mural created by British artist, Neil Wood, is displayed on Flexible 4 panels, curved into a honeycomb shape.

Built for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the Adler-Alpika Servis Tunnel is a main road tunnel that connects Adler Alpica, where the airport is located, to the mountain ski resort Alpika Servis.

5. Interior and Urban Design

Our spaces are a visual expression of who we are. The colors we choose, the patterns we apply, all the elements that create a room’s design tell a story. Large-scale outdoor murals can represent the people who live in the community, while lobbies, corridors and common areas are often the first impressions a visitor or customer have upon entering a hotel or office building. With an endless range of color choices and high-end digital printing, CeramicSteel is an ideal storytelling platform.

The Hennepin County Library in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota wanted to communicate the story of world culture and local geography through the lens of science and math. RE:site studios designed a mural that combines global and local elements — fingerprints, world art, ancient fossils and spiraling galaxies on one side and local indigenous plants, Hmong embroidery, biomedical imaging and Mississippi River eddy currents on the other.

Outside, the Tampa Riverwalk in Florida transforms a gray, urban space into a vibrant, colorful walkway that welcomes pedestrians in the popular waterfront destination.

In a diverse range of industries and applications, CeramicSteel provides a versatile canvas for expression. Whether through images, art, text or color it can transform a space into one with identity and a story to tell.

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