• Colorful mural with drawings of people, buildings, and street signs on wall of Tampines East and West Stations
  • A vibrant mural printed on CeramicSteel at Singapore’s Tampines East & West Stations celebrates local culture by representing imagery, buildings, and people.
  • Overhead view of the Tampines East & West Stations in Singapore with glossy CeramicSteel architectural cladding.
  • Door at the Tampines East & West Stations in Singapore surrounded by orange striped interior wall panels.

Tampines East & West Station - Downtown Line 3 | Tampines, Singapore

Contemporary art fills the interior of the Tampines East & West Stations in Singapore. With the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) innovative program, “Art in Transit” (AIT), these stations were transformed into a place where art tells the story of those who live in Tampines. Artist Jing Quek used this urban city as inspiration for the mixture of imagery and photography, patterns, shapes, and colors – quite literally. In one mural located in the metro station, Quek created a panorama of local geography and over 250 residents, expanding in detail as an observer moves closer. The ability to curate a continuous and fluid visual was made possible with the use of 38 CeramicSteel panels with hidden joints. The smooth collaboration amongst PolyVision, LTA, architects, and contractors helped to create a space that the local community and other visitors can truly be proud of.

Client: Land Transport Authority

Main Contractor: GS E&C

Artist: Jing Quek

Art Contractor: Alliance Panels Pte. Ltd.

Completion Date: December 2016

Architectural Contractor: Allwerkz Pte. Ltd.

Area: 3131 m2

Print Type: Digital


Product Used: Standard 2-12, Standard 2-12 + Digital 1

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