• Front view of a series of wall panel systems in different colors and sizes in an office meeting space.
  • Angled view of a series of wall panel systems on a grey wall in different colors and sizes in a conference room.

Steelcase Worklife | New York City, New York

The Steelcase WorkLife Center in New York City is designed to illustrate how space can amplify the performance of individuals, teams and enterprises. When looking for the perfect addition to a frequently used conference room, the Steelcase design team decided on Motif™, a high-performance collaborative wall panel system. Motif’s Large Square Panels in Merle and Seagull are strategically placed to allow for comfortable writing whether the user is standing or sitting, while the three Small Square Accent Panels reflect a grid system, paying homage to New York’s bustling subway system, in addition to adding pops of color.

Print Type: Digital Print

Completion Date: September 2018

Area: 6.28 m2 | 67.58 ft2 | 5 panels

Client: Steelcase