• Finished Edge Panels from PolyVision are used to display artwork by Thierry Renard at the Sainte Catherine Metro Station in Brussels, Belgium.

Sainte Catherine Metro Station | Brussels, Belgium

Located in the City of Brussels, Sainte Catherine Metro Station underwent a thorough renovation both above and below ground in 2006 and 2007. As part of the renovation the artist Thierry Renard designed the work “Millefeuille” with the intent of introducing the freshness of springtime to travellers and bringing nature underground for all to enjoy. The artwork, which displays an array of tulips throughout the station, was applied to enamelled steel using the handcrafted process of screen printing. The Finished Edge panels, supplied by PolyVision, were installed by Jansen Finishing NV to create a continuous and uninterrupted design on the platform walls.

Partner: Jansen Finishing NV

Completion date: 2006

Client: Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles - Capitale

Product used: Finished Edge 1

Architect: Oliver NOTERMAN

Area: 400 m2

Artist: Thierry Renard

Print Type: Screen print