PolyVision Facility | Genk, Belgium

In 2015, PolyVision worked with PCp Architects and Uittenbosch to renovate the interior and exterior of the PolyVision office facility in Genk, Belgium. The black Finished Edge CeramicSteel panels give the facade a sleek and modern feel, while the light fixtures placed throughout the cladding bring a playful element to the structure. The art panels, placed between the large windows, were designed to be interchangeable and complement the dark rectangular architecture of the building. All of the CeramicSteel artwork was produced in the Genk manufacturing facility including the artwork, which was printed using PolyVision’s state of the art digital printer.

Partner: Uittenbosch Ceramic Metals BV

Completion Date: 2015

Architect: PCp architects

Product Used: Finished Edge 1

Area: 340 m2

Colors: 9005 RAL