• Common space in Lewisville Independent School District with groups of chairs and desks for students
  • Meeting tables and stools in front of writable wall surface printed with geometric shapes
  • Open space with lounge furniture in bright colors

Lewisville Independent School District | Lewisville, TX

The firm behind the project, Stantec, is world-renowned for its focus on the communities it works with and its prestige in architecture, design and engineering; and had a specific vision in mind for the open-concept collaborative space as part of their education project for Lewisville Independent School District (ISD). Stantec’s Lead Designer for the project Christina Eddy said, “We were looking for a writable wall surface product that we could custom-design with our own colors and graphic. The ability to custom-design the patterns that were on the panels allowed us to tie the product back to the design of the interior. Also, because of where the panels were going to be installed, it was key that these pieces would be durable and would hold up over time. There are classrooms that hold shop classes, automotive classes, woodshop, etc. right next to where these panels are located in the building. CeramicSteel was the only product that would fit all of these needs for this project.” The high-traffic location and potential for heavy use demanded a product that was durable, able to withstand use by students.

Stantec also liked that the “CeramicSteel panels were made with steel and that when students write on the boards, they won’t ghost or lose their efficacy as they age.” Stantec used custom colors to represent the Lewisville ISD school that created a custom-designed geometric graphic mirroring repeating elements found in the building. Christina said, “the boards do a nice job of tying together the geometric nature of the project as well as the overall color palette.”

Partner: Designtex

Architect / Designer: Stantec

Contractor: Northstar Construction

Client: Lewisville ISD

Product Used: Polyvision CeramicSteel Workwall Interior Panel System

Surface Area: Approx. 990SF