• Shared space in Chinese educational center with seating, desk, whiteboard, and writing surfaces
  • Educator and student standing at wall-mounted whiteboard, going over assignment

With many young people in rural areas of China facing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation, Paul Tchen, Honorary Chair of the Shanghai K Charitable Foundation, says the aim of the Kadoorie Youth Development Centre is simple: β€œto empower disadvantaged youth with the confidence and skills to enter the workforce. Surface material & whiteboard designer, Polyvision, collaborated with Steelcase and iDA Workplace to equipped classrooms at the Kadoorie Youth Development Centre with CeramicSteel magnetic whiteboards and modular whiteboard panels, as well as installing a set in a shared space for students.

Partner Steelcase

Client Kadoorie Youth Development Centre

Designer iDA Workplace Shanghai

Completion Date 2019

Product Used 14 Motif panels, 14 Flow panels