• Magnetic whiteboard panels mounted to larger board on blue wall in meeting room, with nearby monitor and meeting room chairs
  • Close-up of whiteboard wall panels mounted to board in meeting room, with images and notes held by magnets, against blue wall
  • Meeting room with long conference table and chairs, an open laptop, and a board on the far wall with whiteboard panels and notes held by magnets.
  • Two rows of four images held to meeting room idea board by magnets, with whiteboard panel and writing surfaces nearby

Frost-Barber | Baton Rouge, LA

Frost-Barber, a Steelcase dealer in Louisiana, installed Motif™ magnetic whiteboard panels with four small square panels in neutral and saffron pattern, and two large square panels in Arctic White and Merle. A representative for Frost-Barber said “We love the variety of sizes and finishes, and the ability to customize [Motif™]. It’s great for organizing information for presentations. This once under-utilized area has become a favorite meeting spot.”

Partner: Frost-Barber

Client: Frost-Barber

Installer: Frost-Barber

Designer: Polyvision

Print Type: Digital Printing

Completion Date: Spring 2019

Product Used: Motif™