Colorful LED lights illuminate the panels of a wooden scene inside of an underground metro station

Aesthetics + Durability + Utility

a3 CeramicSteel is a reliable architectural material used in a variety of projects around the world. When manufacturing architectural panels and cladding, our a3 CeramicSteel surface is laminated to a substrate to create a resilient architectural material.

At Polyvision, we know when you find a great medium, it is important to develop the right solution for its installation and use. That is why we have cultivated an international network of partners tailored to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of project scope or demand.

These trusted partners provide the engineered solutions necessary to successfully integrate our a3 CeramicSteel panels and cladding to your specifications.

a3 CeramicSteel wall panels with a variety of substrates to choose from. Designed for high-traffic architectural usage.

Polyvision a3 CeramicSteel Standard Panels Displayed in a Shopping Mall

Standard Panel Series

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The precision cut edges of these a3 CeramicSteel wall panels are finished with a durable, attractive lacquer creating a seamless look.

Rendering of Polyvision CeramicSteel Finished Edge Panels in a Metro Station

Finished Edge Panel Series

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The Flexible Panel offers a bend radius for special projects that require a curve.

Rendering of Polyvision CeramicSteel Flexible Panels in a Road Tunnel

Flexible Panel Series

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