Polyvision Introduces Motif™: An Innovative Collaborative Panel System

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Motif’s Inspired Design Presents A High-Performance Writing Surface Which Enhances Collaboration And Complements Any Interior Aesthetic


As the need for collaboration grows, teams need more functional spaces to work. Explore ways to personalize your vertical surface through Motif, a new high performance collaborative panel system

Atlanta – Polyvision, the leading manufacturer of CeramicSteel writing surfaces and architectural products worldwide, announced the launch of the newest innovative product in their line of collaborative solutions: Motif, a wall mounted modular panel system designed to enhance collaboration.

Recent insights and observations from Polyvision indicate a gap in the collaborative writing surface market between functionality and style. In order to meet the needs of the ever-growing workforce, the company developed Motif, a fully customizable and unique approach to collaborative writing surfaces designed to blend performance and appearance.

Motif allows users to personalize their collaborative space on the vertical plane through color and composition. With several colors, patterns and sizes, designers can transform unused wall space into a place where teams can express and share ideas. Custom colors and designs are also available through Polyvision’s state-of-the-art digital printing technology to enhance any collaborative space with custom artwork, company logos and more. Any workspace can become an effective origin of collaboration with the versatility of Motif’s creative and thoughtful design.

Designed for simple installation, Motif is lightweight and features a straightforward mounting system with no visible hardware. Templates and spacers make it nearly effortless to achieve the desired configuration, and it is easy to reconfigure the panel system as required or incorporate alternate panels for a new look.

When asked about the basis for the development of Motif, Polyvision’s General Manager Peter Lewchanin said “Over the last decade we have observed the transformation of the vertical plane in places where people work together. Design and collaboration have become increasingly important and as organizations continue to grow, vertical real estate is sometimes limited.”

Understanding the need for a durable collaborative panel system that could seamlessly blend into any workspace was the primary purpose for Motif’s development. According to Lewchanin, this goal was met and exceeded. “Motif is a user centered application that can serve as a writing surface when you need one, and a piece of art when not in use.” Designed for the way people work today, Motif is made with Polyvision’s unmatched CeramicSteel, a glass-like surface that is magnetic, highly legible and resistant to scratches, stain, fire and bacteria.

Motif will be available in August 2018 through the Steelcase dealer network in the Americas and Asia Pacific regions, and directly through Polyvision sales representatives in EMEA.

About Polyvision Corporation

As a leading manufacturer of CeramicSteel surfaces, Polyvision is committed to producing durable and sustainable CeramicSteel surfaces fit for demanding environments. For more than 60 years, CeramicSteel has served as a premium surface for use in collaborative spaces such as classrooms and corporate offices as well as architectural products for public spaces. With a global presence in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, Polyvision provides customers with a product that complements and enhances any space or environment. For more information, visit polyvision.com.

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