Polyvision Educates Leaders of Education at EDspaces 2018

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Each fall, leading professionals in the education industry are brought together to discover the year’s latest innovations for their students, teachers and institutions. EDspaces is an annual education conference where “technology, space and pedagogy converge.” PolyVision exhibited at EDspaces 2018 to educate leaders of education on the user-centric benefits of e3 CeramicSteel.

During our time at the conference, visitors enjoyed at-a-glance views of CeramicSteel next to glass, painted steel and melamine. The first-hand opportunity to test each surface proved particularly impactful for many who were unaware of the superior readability, durability and magnetic capabilities of e3 CeramicSteel in comparison to other writing surfaces. While most education professionals are aware of e3 CeramicSteel, they were surprised to find it offers so many benefits.

About CeramicSteel

More than eight million classrooms use e3 CeramicSteel writing surfaces every day. The number of students, teachers and administrators this accounts for is innumerable.

For almost 65 years, CeramicSteel has provided a safe, quality writing surface for education – it is so prevalent that its many benefits are often forgotten. An inorganic, non-porous surface, e3 CeramicSteel is bacteria-resistant, the ideal surface for schools milling with germs during sick season. It also produces no VOCs and the chalkboard surface produces less dust than competitors. Not only is e3 CeramicSteel health-conscious, but it is also fire-resistant and will not break down with the use of cleaning chemicals over time. It won’t shatter or scratch and is guaranteed to last for years, something you don’t get with glass or painted steel.

Dedicated to providing schools with the best quality surface possible, PolyVision continues its culture of innovation in education – always looking for new ways to incorporate e3 CeramicSteel into the “technology, space and pedagogy” of the future of learning.

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