New in EMEA: Collaborative Worktools on pCon.planning

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The vertical plane is often an underleveraged asset of the collaborative space. Whether it’s in a corporate office, a classroom or a hospital – Collaborative Worktools enhance communication, enable education and promote innovation. Our suite of Collaborative Worktools is a deliberately designed collection of premium whiteboard and chalkboard surfaces with options varying in size, finish, color and shape, including magnetic whiteboard panels and moveable whiteboards. Providing organizations with design options to suit their specific needs for enhancing organization and productivity, Collaborative Worktools are a functional and aesthetic addition to any space.

To further integrate our writing surface solutions into the design of collaborative spaces, our suite of Collaborative Worktools is now available on the pCon.product library in the EMEA market. By adding our writing surface solutions to pCon’s online platform, our customers can gain a more holistic understanding of how each product will work in their space by accessing 3D models and product data. This allows customers to virtually add each writing board to the space they are designing and determine the right fit.

pCon allows users to search for specific products by manufacturer, making it simple to navigate to the Polyvision suite of Collaborative Worktools.

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