Mix & Match: Combining Surface Materials to Enhance a Space

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Two surface materials can be better than one. See how pairing writing surfaces of different materials can make stylish, functional additions to a range of settings.

Two surface materials can be better than one. In recent years, the concept of mixing and matching materials and finishes has been a popular trend in workplace design, but this doesn’t have to be limited to things like the furniture used in a space. Why not expand that idea by including writing surfaces as well?

Playing with combinations of surface materials is an excellent, and often unexpected, way to turn writing surfaces into eye-catching features rather than just having them serve a purely functional purpose. This idea can easily enhance communications and collaboration in classroom, healthcare, and office settings alike.

Collaborative workspace with a teal tackboard and whiteboard mounted to the walls.

Whiteboard + Tackboard

Sometimes, big ideas and concepts need lots of room where they can be fully worked out and developed. Flow™ gives people all the space they need by maximizing a room’s vertical space. Its smooth writing surface with no vertical joint covers allows for writing without interruption. Flow™ pairs beautifully with Tac, which not only provides a visual contrast to the whiteboard, it adds more options to display information. Things like printed photographs and handwritten notes can be easily displayed alongside information written on the whiteboard. This combination of surfaces is particularly popular in classroom settings, but it can be a functional addition to any collaborative office environment. 

Two individual workstations in a library separated by a whiteboard with red tackboards attached to the wall.

Whiteboard + Glassboard

In healthcare settings, nonporous writing surfaces are essential for hygienic purposes. Serif™ and Glass can both keep up with the demands of hospitals and other busy facilities with durable surfaces that resist staining and are easy to keep clean. Pair a high-gloss Glass board with Serif’s high-contrast surface for a duo that’s both striking and practical. 

Sans whiteboard with a printed pattern installed in a collaborative area.

Colors, Patterns + Custom Designs

Utility and style are both highly valued in corporate settings, and Sans™ and Motif™ writing surfaces deliver on both levels. Sans whiteboards are available with a range of edge color options to bring a pop of color to your space. While the surfaces of Sans whiteboards are available in solid colors, Motif™ whiteboards are available with optional accent patterns which stand out beautifully next to solid-color surfaces. For an even more unique look, Sans™ surfaces can be customized with artwork and other imagery to create a combination that is stylish and functional without ever looking dull and utilitarian. 

Let your imagination run wild. You might be surprised by how much the right combination of surfaces can enhance your space. The possibilities are endless.

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