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Books The Office” is an office centre and co-working space in Hasselt, Belgium. It’s more than a nice place for people to meet and work; it’s a place of inspiration. Clients include young, highly innovative start-ups, communications experts, and locals who enjoy having meetings in a different environment to usual. “Books The Office” provides clients with lunch, internet, printers and projectors. One room has an interactive TV. And of course, they have whiteboards from Polyvision.

‘Our offices have a minimalistic look and feel,’ says Office Manager Charlotte Vermeulen. ‘They’re very clean, with straight edges, polished concrete floors, and a lot of windows. It’s very industrial. We were hoping for whiteboards that would complement this look and feel rather than overpower it.’

When Sophie Bilsen from Polyvision visited the site, she immediately picked up on this and thought of the Sans series. They are very thin whiteboards, with floating frames that gives them an especially modern look.

‘It was a really good suggestion from Sophie,’ says Charlotte. ‘The Sans really matches the office. Plus, when you choose the Sans series, you choose a colour that is used on details of the whiteboards. We chose pomegranate because we have touches of pomegranate around the office, in our signage, and even the sofas. It added something special to the look and the feel. It made everything complete.’

The right boards for the right rooms

“Books The Office” decided on a trio of whiteboards from the Sans collection. However, one of these is not actually white.

‘The two Arctic White whiteboards are exactly what you would expect: white,’ explains Charlotte. ‘But in the meeting room, the wall the whiteboard is attached to is painted black. Sophie told me that a white whiteboard on a black background is tiring for your eyes. She recommended the Platinum Gloss, a greyish coloured board. And so, we went with that. It also has those pomegranate details, and it really looks wonderful.’

The Platinum Gloss Whiteboard has brought other, unexpected benefits.

‘We use fluorescent markers on it. They have a much stronger contrast. And everyone is really impressed with them. The fluorescent markers remind them of chalk. A little nostalgia!’

Size does matter

It was also important that the size of the whiteboards was appropriate for the size of the rooms.

‘We didn’t want our clients to feel put off by the boards,’ says Charlotte. ‘I was a little uncertain about the sizes. But Sophie had some good advice: work with the budget you have in mind. If we decide we would like to try something new or special after a couple of years, we can always upgrade.’

Fantastic from A to Z

Charlotte, “Books The Office” and their clients are all very happy with the whiteboards.

‘The quality of the boards is excellent. You notice it straight away. We had an incident where somebody used a permanent marker. It was easy to clean off, though. I just used warm water and soft detergent—nothing too aggressive—and it came off nicely.’

Charlotte says that “Books The Office” is also impressed with Polyvision:

‘They are service minded in how they approach everything. They took the look of our offices, our budget, and our clients into account. Sophie even called after a few weeks to follow up on the whiteboards. Everything from A to Z was fantastic. And the feedback we’ve had from clients has been extremely positive. Which means we’ve impressed them—and that’s exactly what we want.’

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