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Rail station walls of Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station are equipped with PolyVision’s CeramicSteel panels showing a variety of colors and shapes
PolyVision’s Top 5 Projects of the Decade

1/9/2020 2:27 PM by Ashley Brown, Marketing Communications Manager

As the beginning of a new year is ramping up, we’re looking back at our five favorite projects from the decade we left behind.

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Angled view of a few murals on decorative wall cladding that display elements of the Kentucky landscape situated in corridors in the Lexington Shriners Hospital for Children
Digital Printing on CeramicSteel and Experiential Graphic Design

2/12/2019 4:51 PM by Kevin Buchanan, Director of Product Lifecycle Management

As digital printing continues to evolve, PolyVision has been mastering the printing process on CeramicSteel surfaces for more than 50 years through screen printing and now digital printing.

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Colorful wall panels line the walls of a metro station
The Power of Color

2/6/2019 7:48 PM by Kate Cathey, Senior Product Marketing Specialist

With the incredible influence of color on our lives, it’s interesting to take a step back and understand how exactly we perceive color in our environment.

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A vibrant mural printed on CeramicSteel at Singapore’s Tampines East & West Stations celebrates local culture by representing imagery, buildings, and people.
The Vast Versatility of CeramicSteel

1/22/2019 4:30 PM by Ed La Selva, Architectural Product Development Manager

From interior design to exterior building cladding, from workplace collaboration to large-scale public art projects, CeramicSteel provides a material that lends itself to any environment.

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Travelers passing by the mural created by artist Neil Wood printed on Flexible CeramicSteel panels in the Charles de Gaulle Metro Station
Vitreous Enamel: Mycenæan Period Jewelry to First Period Chemistry

10/17/2018 3:28 PM by Kate Cathey, Senior Product Marketing Specialist

More durable than glass and just as beautiful, vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel, offers a non-porous, glass-like finish.

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Grey wall in metro station with panels of colors and patterns as 3D blocks are located above the walkway in vibrant colors
Integrating Public Art in Urban Transit Design

6/27/2018 1:29 PM by Ed La Selva, Architectural Product Development Manager

7. 6 billion — the current number of people walking, riding, driving and flying around the Earth. With a current population growth rate of 83 million people per year, the world in 2018 has already witnessed 60 million births. 

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Vibrantly colored panels with images of crop fields line the walls of the Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station
Three Ways CeramicSteel Panels Outlast Other Surface Materials

3/28/2018 4:46 PM by Ed La Selva, Architectural Product Development Manager

Quality performance and aesthetics make CeramicSteel a wise investment.

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A wide view of the interior wall panels that make up the And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore.
Case Study: Land Transport Authority

3/26/2018 5:26 PM by Ashley Brown, Marketing Communications Manager

Take a subway ride through Singapore, and you’ll be surprised by what you see. Melted disco balls turned into raindrops, 3D sculptures, motif paintings stretching 10-meters long and maybe even a photograph of someone you know. In 1997, Singapore’s largest public art program launched in the most unlikely of places, metro stations.

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A close up of Sectio Aurea, a lenticular mural printed on PolyVision Flexible 4 CeramicSteel panels and displayed in Hennepin County Library
Public Art Promotes Drive for Human Creativity

12/22/2016 2:30 PM by Rebecca Charbauski

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Chicago has “The Bean,” and Hong Kong has Tian Tan Buddha. Art installations on a large scale can become iconic symbols of communities and culture.

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Two lane road in a curved tunnel illuminated by lights
PolyVision CeramicSteel Panels Provide Gateway to Vital New Infrastructure for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

2/17/2014 11:38 AM by Ashley Brown, Marketing Communications Manager

PolyVision partnered with Bautrade and Front Engineering to provide smooth, durable wall panels for the main road tunnel of the new traffic corridor built for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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