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As part of its annual tradition dating back twenty years, Pantone recently introduced its 2020 “Color of the Year” to usher in the new decade. A surprising change of pace from bright selections including Living Coral, Ultra Violet and Greenery, this year brings a sense of stability and familiarity to the “Color of the Year” profile. Classic Blue, Pantone color 19-4052, was chosen with a specific purpose. Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute said “We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on.”

Color psychologists agree with Pantone’s analysis of the Classic Blue hue. Words like trust, confidence, serenity and dependability all come to mind when we see the color. In fact, Dyna Przybyla at Color Psychology says, “blue is the most universally favored color of them all.” Organizations aiming to instill a sense of stability and faith in their customers have integrated blue tones in their spaces with a variety of methods, but what if there was a functional way to incorporate it for daily use?

According to Architectural Digest, “Pantone’s insights are perfectly aligned with interior design’s gradual return to traditional decorating styles.” With digital printing technology, Workspace writing tools can bring Classic Blue to spaces in a clean, modern way without the institutional look of traditional whiteboards. Whether it’s an image, graphic or abstract design, digitally printing CeramicSteel with Classic Blue ensures an artistic expression that will last. In corporate settings, these surfaces can be installed in conference rooms, common areas, and focus rooms for collaboration with a pop of color.

Harnessing the power to promote feelings of confidence and stability, integrating Classic Blue in the classroom can influence student performance. By blending blue and traditional white markerboards, educational institutions can bring visual interest and content organization to another level. Using CeramicSteel boards ensures the blue hue will never scratch or fade – reiterating the confidence communicated by the Classic Blue color.

When combined with CeramicSteel, Classic Blue can be used in a meaningful way throughout any space using various approaches. Many medical organizations have put this to use in different ways to help provide solace for patrons in their most vulnerable states. Tallahassee Memorial Hospital used architectural CeramicSteel in a rich, blue hue to clad their elevators, offering comfort and solidifying their dependability with patients and visitors alike.

Offering standard patterns and custom designs, Polyvision can help bring in Classic Blue to complement any room; but sometimes a subtle touch of color is more appropriate. Accented edges are a great way to add the desired effect of color psychology without overstating the purpose. With standard edge colors a variety of blue hues have been curated to blend seamlessly into any design style, while Classic Blue and other custom colors can be matched for a bespoke look.

“Non-aggressive and easily relatable,” Pantone attributes Classic Blue to “relaxed interaction.” Incorporating the color into places which may traditionally inspire stress could help reduce tensions and enhance collaboration. Today’s organizations have shifted toward overall wellness whether in the workplace, schools or healthcare, and the integration of colors like Classic Blue that encourage tranquility and offer respite is a major player in this change.

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