CeramicSteel Architectural Wall Systems

PolyVision and Gordon, Inc. have partnered to develop and design durable, sustainable, high-performing engineered wall systems for demanding environments.

Now architects and contractors can have the durability, performance and customizable capabilities of CeramicSteel with the resilience, fabrication and ease of installation of Gordon systems in a one-stop shop.

CeramicSteel is one of the most durable cladding materials on the market. Fusing the best qualities of porcelain enamel to steel, CeramicSteel is an abrasion-resistant material that is ideal for high-traffic public spaces like airports, transit stations, arenas and healthcare facilities. Resistant to scratches, stains, graffiti and fire, the smooth surface can be customized with color and printing to create a one-of-a-kind design.

PG CeramicSteel Walls and PG CeramicSteel Column Covers are designed specifically with CeramicSteel in mind, providing durable architectural walls and column cladding that will perform reliably for years to come.