Tan Kah Kee Station

Tan Kah Kee Station | Singapore

The underground transit station Tan Kah Kee serves as a stop to local tourist attractions and schools such as Hwa Chong Institution. The station is not just a means of transportation but rather a part of life for hundreds of commuters. The modern station features white a3 CeramicSteel panels throughout as well as brightly colored yellow, orange and red panels that were inspired by the element of fire. The artwork Resilience, which is located at the entrance of the station, is composed of colorful handwritten text by students of Hwa Chong Institution. When viewed from a distance the text dissolves into an abstract blazing sun. Adjacent stations King Albert and Sixth Avenue were also inspired by the natural elements of air and water, respectively. The artwork was printed in Genk, Belgium using Polyvision’s state of the art digital printer.


Ceramic Steel Alliance




9003, 2009, 2000, 1003, 3020, 1016 RAL

Completion Date:


Product Used:



2000 m2



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