Steelcase LINC, Munich

Steelcase LINC | Munich, Germany

The Munich Learning + Innovation Center (LINC) is a space designed for employees, dealers, customers and guests from around the world to lead, learn and innovate together. Knowing that collaboration is essential to the workforce, Steelcase entrusted Polyvision to provide CeramicSteel writing solutions throughout the 14,400 m2 space. The Polyvision CeramicSteel black chalk custom collaborative solution provides ample space with collaborative writing tools. The system stretches along the length of a large wall, providing separate areas where multiple teams and individuals can can work without being disturbed. In an ongoing effort with Steelcase, Polyvision provided products to outfit over 50 conference rooms and workspaces spanning the LINC’s three-building campus, encouraging teamwork for all employees and guests.

Although the LINC is meant to cater heavily to customers and guests of the company, when designing the space, the design team also considered the 230+ employees that worked out of the LINC every day. They included Polyvision CeramicSteel Custom Collaborative Solutions to serve as functional writing surfaces in popular workspaces for employees to work. Whether the user is sitting or standing, working independently or with a team, the custom solution is broken out into two panels, providing separate sections to segment work or ideas. The digitally printed pattern adds a calm, subtle design adding to the aesthetic of the space.

Product(s) Used:

CeramicSteel Custom Collaborative Solution in Black Chalk;
CeramicSteel Custom Collaborative Solution in White Gloss

Print Type

Digital Print

Completion Date:

December 2017




8.5 m2 | 91.49 ft2 | 6 panels;
4.1 m2 | 44.1 ft2 | 2 panels

Project Pictures

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