Steelcase GRBC 3 Conference Room

Steelcase GRBC 3 Conference Room | Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Cove Conference Room at the Steelcase Business Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a center for large-scale meetings and idea-sharing. It is with this understanding that the design team incorporated collaborative products to support the function of the space. A custom vertical installation featuring three a3 CeramicSteel Sans™ boards positioned side-by-side with Surface Imaging of an artistic swath of paint printed across the bottom, the first product serves as a visual focal point in the space as much as a functional writing surface.
The second installation features two large a3 CeramicSteel Sans™ boards in a grey chalk finish, flanking a monitor. Available for the presenter to take notes or supplement presentations with visual highlights, the a3 CeramicSteel Sans™ boards complement the color scheme of the conference room while serving as a useful space for collaboration.

Print Type:

Digital Print

Completion Date:


Products used:

a3 CeramicSteel Sans




Installation 1: 8.64 m2 | 93.00 ft2 | 3 panels,
Installation 2: 5.76 m2 | 62.00 ft2 | 2 panels

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